Thank you for choosing Mutual Property!  We appreciate your business and strive to do the best for you and your home :)


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To show our appreciation for your LOYALTY & support in renting with us, we offer a CREDIT for every month after your first year that you pay on time & in full.  The credit is equivalent to your most recent rent increase, essentially delaying it a whole year!  All you have to do is pay on time =)


Our Refer-a-Friend Promotion offers $100 cash to every qualified referral you make.  Being happy with the service we provide, makes it easy to encourage family & friends to enjoy the same :)

Taking a Trip? or even just Booking a Hotel for a night...

Be sure to turn off your faucets, your lights and your stove, unplug any small appliances, lock your windows and doors, and inform your trusted neighbours and landlord.  These tips will ensure you come back to a home, safe and sound.

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