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MPM News

April 28, 2015

RentMoola - Paying Rent Online

Another month; another rent payment.  Make paying your rent even easier!

Mutual Property has teamed up with RentMoola to allow tenants to pay rent online, from the comfort of their own home.

No need to go to the bank, no need to go to the office, NO MORE LINEUPS!

Click on the link on our Residents page, or go to to sign up.

COMPLETELY FREE! when you sign up to pay directly from your bank account.  Sign up to pay as a one-time payment, or set it up to be paid automatically every month.

You may also sign up to pay your rent by credit card.  There is a small surcharge, but you don't have to pay it off until your card's statement comes due, plus you may get any rewards that your card offers on purchases.

MoolaPerks! when you sign up, you have access to all sorts of discounts for various companies, for various goods or services.